Cookie Cutters & Custom Tin Products

Tin Cookie Cutters

Flatback Cookie Cutter

These handcrafted cutters are the heirlooms of tomorrow. With proper care your cutter will last for years. The shiny tin cutters are recommended for avid baking. The sharp edge of the tin gives superior cutting and release. A large sturdy handle is added to each shiny cutter and they are packaged with a favorite cookie recipe and helpful baking tips. Many of our designs create a generous-sized cookie. Try pairing a large cutter with a complementary mini cutter to make a fun display. Examples include the large oak leaf cookie cutter paired with a miniature acorn, or the large cat with miniature kitten cut outs, the large fir tree cookie with mini snowflakes. You get the idea.

The antique finish cutters have been hand brushed with a solution to prematurely age the cutter, giving them an heirloom look today. While you may use your antique-finish cutter for baking, the finish will age more quickly when exposed to moisture. The choice is yours!

OSU Cookie Cutters

Ohio State Buckeyes Cookie Cutters
Create a memorable treat or slip one of these top-quality tin cookie cutters into the stocking of a favorite OSU fan. The details in the cutter make an impression in the dough to give you lines to decorate. They’re great for making sweet treats, holiday ornaments and decorating your OSU tree.

Each cutter is handmade by an Ohio tinsmith who was recently named one of America’s Best Heritage Crafters by Early American Life Magazine. The design is soldered to a backplate of tin to keep the design sturdy. It also creates a place for detail, like the inside of the OSU logos. Collect a piece of history and enjoy a few game day treats!

Cookie Cutter Pins, Ornaments and Mini Cutters

cookie cutter pins
These are miniature versions of many of our most popular cookie cutters. Most designs are only 1 1/4″ – 1 1/2″ tall. They are handmade in shiny or antique finish and are available as a pin, magnet, ornament or mini cookie cutter. The ornament could be worn as a necklace by slipping a ribbon or cord through a jump ring or hung on a table top or feather tree. The mini cutters are slightly deeper than the pins or ornaments and are wonderful for bite-sized treats, crafts or decorating. The cutting depth is 3/8″. All miniatures come attached to a card ready for gift giving.


Reclaimed barn boards and old tin roofing offer years of shelter to our backyard birds. All it takes is a new coat of paint and a creative touch by Tin Treasures. While our feathered friends appreciate the metal roof, floor and lined hole to keep them safe from squirrels, you can enjoy the colorful tin cutouts and exterior grade decals that add a touch of whimsy to your garden. A twisted wire hook pulls up from the top for easy hanging.

Birdhouses make great gifts. Quilt lovers will love the miniature barns that sport a beautiful quilt square or Pennsylvania Dutch hex sign. Discover the creative sunflower and Ohio themed houses. Just click on the link below to order.

Holiday Tin Delights

holiday delights
Shiny tin adds incredible holiday sparkle. The Shooting Star Treetopper is pieced together and mounted on a spiral wire to make it easy to slip onto the tree top or a candlestick. It’s very lightweight. The Shooting Star pairs beautifully with hand twisted icicles. Each icicle has a candy cane top to make decorating the tree so simple.

Primitive lovers will appreciate the miniature candle clips, hand-dipped mini tapers and 3” stars that are perfect for a table top tree. Inspired by the European tradition of using real candle on the Christmas tree, these little guys pair beautifully with an antique-finish Shooting Star Treetopper. Click on the link below to see more.

Tin Pans and Primitive Tin Necessities

tin pan primitive tin necessities
Antique-finish tin pans make great statement pieces. Use for serving cookie or candy, as a candle or potpourri holder or simply display them. Early American homes depended on candle lanterns and sconces for lighting. Our lanterns are inspired by early Pennsylvania Railroad lanterns and Colonial Williamsburg wall and tabletop sconces. Tin also has a whimsical side, especially when it is powder coated to resist weathering. Check out how you can add some tin to your life. Just click on the link below.