Tin Treasures Cookie Cutters

Tin Treasures makes exceptional, handcrafted tin cookie cutters and intriguing home décor inspired by tinware used in Early American homes, with hand-rubbed finishes and heirloom quality. Each cookie cutter is made to last. Enjoy years of delicious homemade cookies with your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and generations to come. In addition to a wide array of seasonal and one-of-a-kind designs, we also craft custom cookie cutters, Ohio State cookie cutters, and many other tin treasures including garden items, lanterns, holiday stars and icicles, birdhouses and more.

Tin Treasures has been recognized as one of America’s Best Craftsmen by Early American Life Magazine.

Our cookie cutters showcase the best in authentic, American-made craftsmanship and art, and  long-standing family traditions. Our colonial-styled cookie cutters offer crisp design and interior details that were a hallmark of many early cutters, and make the cookie cutters that our grandmothers and great grandmothers used so collectible today.

Order new heirloom cookie cutters from our collection to begin making sweet family memories that will pass from generation to generation. Ohio State Buckeye fans will love our Brutus and Buckeye designs. Your garden will come alive with a new birdhouse and explore our Christmas tree decorations to add new sparkle to your holidays. These handcrafted treasures are waiting for you on the products page.

Tin Heirlooms for Sale